Bed and bath time sets.

Blanket and bath towel sets for babies and toddlers.

Great brands, great prices delivered to you in our wonderful gift bags.

As well as supplying high quality babies and children's clothes we also supply everything needed for bedtime. Our bedtime sets have been put together to give you everything you need to keep your baby comfortable at night. They are complete with soft fleece blankets and gorgeous waffle blankets too. They even come complete with our soothing star shaped night lights and soft fleece comforters too. 

Our bath sets have everything that you need for bath time including soft wrap around towels and flannels, thermometers and duck toys to keep your little one entertained in the bath.

Our sets feature brands like Soft touch, Snuggle baby and Angel kids. They are fantastic value and give you everything you need in one purchase.

Safe sleeping for your baby.

A guideline for cots and baskets.

Ensure that the nursery is at a temperature of around 18 C /65 F

Baby should be placed in feet to foot position on baby's back.

Take care not to overheat your baby, adjust the number of blankets in the cot.

Wash all blankets before use in non bio detergent.

Baby love limited.

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