A special time in your life.

Having a baby changes your life forever. From the moment they are born you are filled with a love that is hard to describe. If you could bottle that love and sell it, it would be one of the most powerful bottles on the planet!

It is powerful enough to make the hardest men cry and the most bitter person feel that everything is wonderful! The love that you have for your baby is the strongest love you will ever have.

That was the reason behind our branding of Baby love focussing on that powerful love that you get for a baby. We have tried to create a store that captures that love when people shop with us. We do everything with love and we believe that shows with the way that we package everything.

We wrap everything by hand in quality recycled paper that is colour coded for boys, girls and neutral white. We take a lot of time ensuring each purchase is sent out with love and attention. We want our customers to feel that they are not just a number and that we understand how special babies are.

Every milestone in a babies life growing up is a special time. First crawl, first word, First sleep in their own cot and first steps these are all special moments never to be forgotten. We want Baby love to become a brand people resonate with and feel the love that we feel for baby clothes and everything baby related.

We want to be kind to our planet so we made our packaging support this. With the crisis in our oceans with so much plastic pollution we felt that our main goal would be to not wrap everything in this damaging material. Our paper we use to wrap purchases in is already recycled and can be used again too or recycled. We use paper gift bags for the same reason.

We aim to build a community of people who love babies and want to provide information to help parents give their children the best upbringing they can. Baby love is a family ran store trying to add a personal touch to buying clothes for your children.


Baby love limited.

registered company number:12237169

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