Routine is key to getting your baby to sleep well at night.

Updated: Nov 4, 2019

Keeping a good routine is proven to be really important for both parents and your baby. Having a good routine especially at night is a good way for you and your baby to get into good sleeping patterns. It saves arguments about bedtime as your child gets older. Giving your baby a bath before bed is a great idea as it helps your baby to relax. Johnson's do a lovely bath gel that has a hint of Lavender in. Lavender is renowned for promoting great sleep and relaxing people. Hooded towels to wrap your baby in after the bath is a great idea and we put one into our bath time sets. We also provide a thermometer to get babies bath water to that all important temperature for comfort which is 37 degrees. Here at Baby love we love putting these sets together to help parents with their routines. Our bed time sets include Fleece blankets a comforter for your baby to cuddle but we do advise you make sure your baby can't cover their nose and mouth with these. Also we have just managed to source some lovely night lights to emit soothing night light around your babies cot or Moses basket. These will be included in our bed time sets soon. If you can get your baby into a good routine early on its life it will pave the way throughout their childhood. Your child will know its bath at 7 say then feed, massage or story then bed. Also its proven with good routine, baby massage and baths your baby will sleep for longer which means you can too! Me and my partner got straight into this routine with our little Kian and we really have improved our sleep and I have gained that all important time in the evening to build baby love! Keep an eye on for these sets as they will be going live on our website very soon. Thanks for reading Daniel Baby love limited


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